Knowledge shouldn’t cost!

Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

University is a place that many people aspire to go to. To be specific, 49% of people participate in higher education. Participation rates went up by 1.4% last year. Could you imagine the increase in numbers if university was free?

Charging students for university education will deter students and leave the UK with a shortfall of skilled labour. Students could end up paying £50,000 for a 3 year degree, that isn’t even including tuition or living fees. (This is specifically based in the UK.)

Going to university offers external benefits to society, higher education leads to a more educated and skilled workforce. University presses on people to pay such an extreme amount without concerning themselves with the issues it could put the potential students in, such as debt and having to work more than one job to keep up with the tuition. However, that money could go towards something much larger; a more pressing issue. That pressing issue could be something such as funding the NHS , it could go towards paying off taxes, funding nurseries, schools and college resources.

University increased specialization of work, therefore there is a  FG greater need for skilled graduates who can contribute to the high-tech industries, meaning that in this day and age, you need to have qualifications in higher-education.   

Equality is an issue that continues to float around the internet, around the world and around the general public.There is the argument that university education could prevent inequality. It would ensure equality of opportunity, as both female and male are being offered the same options and they’re both being given the chance to pursue higher education.

Hierarchy is another topic that could be explored. It closes the gap between the “rich” and the rest. Its makes things equal for everyone; it doesn’t leave anyone out, no matter where they stand in the wealthy hierarchy. It gets our community, societies and nations ready for the future of work. Get rid of the division!


Between the years of 1962-1990’s, higher education was free, as the state paid students tuition. Not long after this they were making students pay a minimum of £1000 for a source of income. However people started dropping out because they couldn’t afford the tuition and the living fees; this links back to the wealth hierarchy.

There are citizens who maintain the knowledge to take their choice of subject at university,but just simply can’t afford to attend. Whereas people who can afford to go…do attend, just for all of the wrong reasons. The universities and the state are undermining the the percentage of people who can’t pay. Shouldn’t they be given a chance to be successful in their chosen course?

Many more people need qualifications for work, because companies, NHS, businesses, want to recruit staff with experience and qualifications. Nobody can get those qualifications if university is unaffordable. People push themselves into debt to pay for university and it stops whatever else they might want to do outside on university. Is that really fair?

Make University Free!

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